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Hi, I'm Julie Bell, and I created The Mind of a Champion for you.

Julie Ness Bell, Ph.D., is the founder and president of The Mind of a Champion. She has worked with a variety of individuals, teams, and organizations to improve their Mindset through principles she developed to help business professionals and athletes deliver their best performance when it matters most. 

Combining 20 years experience as an entrepreneur with lessons from coaching top athletes and executives, Dr. Julie is able to coach her clients to move to the next level through executive coaching, leadership development coaching, keynote speaking, and workshops. Her book, Performance Intelligence at Work, was published in 2009 by McGraw-Hill. 

Dr. Julie earned her Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Oklahoma State University and a Master and Doctorate of Sport Psychology from the University of Virginia, where she studied under Dr. Bob Rotella. She lives in Dallas with her husband, Nelson, and their three children. 

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