The Mind of a Champion


Whether you are leading a meeting or heading to a sales call, knowing you are only 82% ready is good information. Get quick coaching and bump your readiness to 100% by using the Performance Intelligence™ Readiness tool.

What's Perfomance Intelligence? Simply put, Performance Intelligence™ is the ability to perform your best when it matters most. It is the difference between playing a game when you are just practicing and playing the same game successfully when the stakes are real. Can you deliver a winning presentation to an important client with your boss in the room in the same effective manner as when you were in the room alone practicing?

Anyone can perform his best when the economy is great and a logo is all you need to grow your business. But what about when it matters most - when the economy is tight, unemployment is high, the stock market is plunging and your competition is gaining market share?

Performance Intelligence™ trains you to recognize your thinking, refocus that thinking to create new routines of the mind that create thoughts that set you up to succeed. That new thinking draws on your strengths, talents, skills and resources at the right time, in the right place and in the right way.

Performance Intelligence™ focuses on the the following five areas: confidence, focus, winning game plan, self-discipline and competitiveness. In the following tabs, we define the important meaning behind each of those words.
  • Confidence influences everything we do. We help our clients train confidence. The first step is to understand that Confidence is not an all or nothing prospect and Confidence should not be focused on the outcome.

    You cannot be 100 percent confident in the outcome because you do not have complete control of all the variables. Instead of being confident in the outcome, we will look at being confident in the process that creates the outcome. This new way of thinking will allow you to be confident today and be confident in achieving goals you have set in the future.
  • Everyone knows how to focus. The key to success is knowing where to focus. Focus can be trained. We coach our clients to have a singular focus; to focus on playing to win (versus playing not to lose); and, to focus past mistakes to the correction actions that set them up to succeed. Too often, our focus is on what we don't want to happen. We coach our clients to Refocus on where they want to go and how they will get there — a Winning Game Plan. Focus is paying attention to the right things at the right time.
  • A Winning Game Plan is more than just a game plan. Your Winning Game Plan will define your win. It will allow you to look at what's working and what's not working. Our coaching model first looks at what is working in your life. The things that are creating current successes are the building blocks of your Wining Game Plan. After you create a Winning Game Plan, we coach you to on consistent execution of the Winning Game Plan.
  • Self-Discipline is about being intentional about your thoughts and therefore your actions. It begins with the statement: I desire to improve or change. Once you say that, self-discipline involves voluntary accountability. This concept encourages people to bring their mistakes to light and seek coaching — not wait to be caught. You seek help to make the proper correction. This sets the stage for true coaching of Performance Intelligence.
  • To perform your best when it matters most, you have to have an internal drive or desire to win. Most people think about this as competing against one another. If you win, I lose. Competitiveness as an attribute of Performance Intelligence reworks the win-lose relationship. Rather than focusing on the competition, focus instead on improving skills and working toward your personal best. This focus will help you take your game to the next level rather than simply beating someone else. Accomplish that, and the win will take care of itself.
The Performance Intelligence™ Readiness tool lets you grade yourself in all five areas to make sure you are ready to perform your best in any situation. And if you are not, the tool gives you tips to help you redirect and refocus to improve your readiness. This is a valuable tool that you can use any time you need to know that you are ready to win.