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The Mind of a Champion



Dr Julie Bell uses stories from great athletes and coaches she has had the privilege of coaching. Her interactive style and ability to make complex matters of the mind very simple make her an audience favorite. Dr Julie is able to customize her content to meet your audience where they are and take them to their next level. Her core concepts include confidence, accountability, playing to win vs playing not to lose, coaching to drive results and mental toughness.
  • THE MIND OF A CHAMPION: Stop Trying to Improve and start Changing Results

    This powerful message is for winners who know they have more game in them. Simple changed in thinking can have dramatic changes in results. In this keynote, you will learn to train Confidence Focus, Self Disciple to bring championship results.

  • YOUR BEST SEASON: Recognize, Refocus and Routines for Higher Results

    Is your team still 100% committed to the vision? Whether you are kicking off an initiative, entering halftime or looking to finish strong, Dr Julie will equip you to get your head in the game to outperform expectations.

  • THE LEADER COACH: Driving Results Through Coaching

    The frequency of coaching directly impacts results. What does it mean to be a leader who brings out the best through coaching? And how do you create the time for coaching? From senior executive to first line leaders, Dr Julie has insights to get more out of your coaching. You will learn how to coach the plays rather than coach the scoreboard with consistent coaching that maximizes time.

  • THE GAME OF CONFIDENCE: Training the Most Influential Area of your Game

    What has the greatest influence on sales? Price, product or confidence of the seller? We know that confidence is a game changer, but do we know how to train our confidence? In this interactive keynote, participants identify the Xs and Os of their game and develop a Winning Game Plan to train their confidence in every area

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Executive Coaching

We begin our executive coaching by connecting. Rather than spending a day filling out inventories, Dr Julie will ask you to simply share your story. She believes the way an individual tells his story is as important as the story itself. After connecting, you will develop of a Winning Game Plan for coaching that includes seasons, frequency, duration and method of contact.

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Leadership Development Coaching

Our Leadership Development Coaching begins with a team coaching intensive designed to define desired results and create a Winning Game Plan to get there. At the Mind of a Champion, we believe the frequency of coaching directly impacts results. With this in mind, we developed a high frequency / low duration model of coaching focused on driving results and developing leaders.

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Coaching Relationship

At The Mind of a Champion, we value the coaching relationship. Our coaching relationships begin with the question, "Where are you now?" and move our clients to their Desired Results. Rather than a pre-set curriculum, our coaching is customized to our clients needs. A Coaching Relationship can be defined as an individual or leadership team. We ask for a 3 to 6 month commitment for our Coaching Relationships.

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Mental Training with Athletes

Many athletes have the skill it takes to succeed in practice but lack the mental skills to perform in competition. Performance Intelligence™ coaching is the key to performing your best when it matters most.

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Train your mental toughness with MINDSET weekly workout videos. One minute a week for 6 months to train the Mind of a Champion.

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